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As Covid restrictions relax, our online service format is changing to enable flexibility as people worship at home on their own, or invite others to join them in their home or garden, or attend services again (see the Sunday overview webpage) as restrictions allow. 


Online you will be able to follow the same order of service which has links in it to songs and an online sermon.  You are encouraged to pray the liturgy yourself and click on the song and sermon links which will open videos in a new window. 

Videos of past sermons are available on demand below and on our YouTube Channel.

Other online video recordings are also available on our YouTube channel.

Podcasts of the Sunday sermons are available to listen to below on demand, or as downloads.

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Our service schedule is changing as we emerge from lockdown here in Belgium.

Please check here regularly for changes and bear with us as we adjust.

Please check the SUNDAY OVERVIEW page as live services start up again.

Past services

Meeting with others?

WE thought it would be helpful to have  some resources for you to have at home and also a sermon to listen to so that you can chat with others.

Sermon videos

Just the sermons...



Watch Now

Click the          menu to select the video you wish to watch.

Sermon podcasts

The Sunday sermon is available as a podcast.

This may not update until early in the week following the service. Subscribe to the RSS feed to receive the podcast as soon as it is available.

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