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If you are new to Belgium, we are here to help as many of us have been new too.

There are a lot of different churches in Brussels and the surrounding areas, and we encourage you to find one where you feel at home.  St Paul's is located in Tervuren, so if you are on the eastern side of Brussels or in the greater Tervuren area we might be the place for you. 


This new chapter in life may bring wonderful new opportunities for you and we hope that St Paul's might be a part of that. Browse our website to see what we are do and what we offer.  Hopefully we will see you soon.

Brussels is a very international place, and here at St Paul's we have regular members of our congregation from all over the world.  Connect with us and we can put you in touch with some people who can make your landing a bit softer.

For more information on what is going on around Brussels, you might find the Expats in Brussels website useful.

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