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Please continue to pray for the whole situation. This must be our first response as Christians. You can still watch the diocesan prayer service on YouTube here which has testimonies from the church wardens in Kyiv and a reflection from the chaplain in Moscow. It is heartfelt, informative and moving. Do take the time to look and use it to continue praying.

Ways to help and work with other organisations that are marshalling help are detailed below.

 For 2 years the Ukraine café met in St Paul's Church centre to provide for refugees arriving locally. As time has gone by people have found jobs, or entered education and needs have changed, so the café closed its doors in January 2024

Many thanks to all volunteers.

Here are a few of the many ways which you can choose to support those affected by the situation in Ukraine. Serve the city and Community kitchen also support other people in need.


USPG and the Church of England Diocese in Europe need your help as we support humanitarian work for people affected by the war in Ukraine. 

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Community Kitchen at Holy Trinity (in partnership with STC) are making meals for the refugees - sign up to help via the ServeNow app.

Or visit their own page


Welcoming refugees 

Serve the City are welcoming refugees arriving in Belgium at the refugee centres.  You can volunteer to assist at the centres via their app ServeNow.

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