Most of our Small Groups continue to meet online due to the pandemic restrictions.

St Paul's has a number of Small Groups that meet regularly. They have an important role to play in the life of our church and are a place were people can really develop a sense of belonging!

In these groups, we can support and encourage each other, as we learn more about our faith, and try to apply it in our own life situations. It's the place where we can really get to know each other, develop strong friendships, and give and receive help when life is tough. 

Our Small Groups are listed below. For more information about exactly when and where they meet, or to have some guidance for a good fit, please contact Patrick Lambert.

Brussels - Monday afternoon

Overijse - Monday evening

Tervuren - Tuesday Evening

Vossem - Wednesday Evening

Tervuren – Thursday evening


Moorsel - Friday morning

Men’s on-line group – Saturday morning

Group courses

St Paul's also runs occasional courses in a Small Group format.

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Marriage course.png
Pastoral Care.png

Contact the office for details of the schedule.