St Paul's uses a few facilities in the Tervuren area.

While Covid restrictions remain in force most of our locations are closed.

See  Sundays and What's on for events where people are allowed to attend.

St Katharina's, Duisburg

Our services on a Sunday is held in St Katharina's Church in Duisburg, Tervuren.

Due to a relaxation of Covid restrictions, we are able to offer an in-person services on Sundays.  Click here for details.

St Jan's, Tervuren

Sint-Jan Evangelistkerk in Tervuren is the location of our attended Wednesday evening events.  Click here for details.

Pachthof Stroykens

Pachthof Stroykens is a complex of farm buildings that has been restored to include a tavern, a community hall, and an open-air area.

Church Centre.jpg
Church Centre

The Church Centre is best accessed via its own entrance at the rear of the complex by walking down the ramp from the Church Office entrance in Hoornzeelstraat, or from the parking which is accessible from Pastoor Vandersandestraat.

Church Centre Parking

There is a small number of parking spaces available at the rear of the St Hubertus Centre.  Parking can be accessed from Pastoor Vandersandestraat - see the map below.

Church Office

The Church Office is located in the St Hubertus Centre at Hoornzeelstarat 24, Tervuren.  A few parking spaces are available  at the rear - see Church Centre Parking.