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St Paul's uses a few facilities in the greater Tervuren area.

St Josef.jpg
St Jozef's, Moorsel

This is our main venue, for Sunday morning services. Together with the 'Parochiezaal' next door. On the main street of Moorsel, there is parking to the back and left of the church building, and even more in another car park 20 m from the main one (but you will need these directions to get there). 

St Katharina's, Duisburg

We occasionally meet in St Katherina's Duisburg.

St Jan's
St Jan's, Tervuren

Sint-Jan Evangelistkerk in Tervuren centre is the location of our carol service and occasionally other events.  

St Paulus.JPG
St Paulus, Vossem

We occasionally hold services at St Paulus in Vossem if our other locations are not available.

St Paulus
St Hubertus.jpg

Church Office

The Church Office is at Hoornzeelstarat 24, Tervuren, accessed through the entrance marked "Sint Hubertus" (door to left).  A few parking spaces are available at the rear - see Church Centre Parking.

Church Centre.jpg

Church Centre

The Church Centre is best accessed via its own entrance at the rear of the complex by walking down the ramp from the Church Office entrance in Hoornzeelstraat, or from Pastoor Vandersandestraat  (on foot or bike)- see the map below.

St Hubertus.jpg

Church Centre Parking

There are a small number of parking spaces available at the rear of the Church Centre building, down the narrow ramp accessed through the entrance marked "Sint Hubertus".

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