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Future Staffing at St Paul's

We'd love to share a little of our vision of how we might grow as a church and the part you would play.


St Paul's is at an exciting stage as we begin to re-imagine our ministry and outreach. We are looking for someone who will explore and pioneer new ways of being church that meet the needs of the young people, families and siblings coming to us, welcoming those with faith, those exploring faith or those with no faith whatsoever. We are longing for someone who will create staging posts for young people and their families and siblings to encounter Jesus, working creatively and passionately outside church activities, within existing expressions of church and the pioneering of new ones.

What will it look like?

The work with our young people is key as they transition from inherited faith to formulating a faith of their own exploring what it means to love Jesus, follow him, and lead others to him. Our young people are aspirational for children within our church, and it is vital for the growth in faith of younger children that they can see what it means to be a Christian in a few years time. Families are drawn to us as they can see that their children can grow up to maturity in faith within a church, where they will be loved and valued, encouraged and taught, given opportunities for service and leadership, and are active members not consumers. This work is  strategically important in growing a healthy church fit for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

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Understanding our context

Almost all our families have at least two cultures in their lives, so we are truly living and working in a multi-cultural setting and an understanding of this is essential. As a church we have many gifted people, and working with and leading teams of capable, committed mature Christians is a joy and stretching! Though very close, Tervuren is not in Brussels, so with the support, encouragement and accountability offered by the church, you will need to be able to work autonomously, creatively and to build your own networks of outside support and encouragement.

Is this you?

  • You love Jesus and his Church, wanting to be involved in Bible teaching, nurture and worship.

  • You are creative and passionate, longing to see people come to faith in Jesus?

  • You've experience of living or working in a different cultures

  • A self-starter, willing to experiment, knowing that not everything will be successful, but that's ok.

  • You understanding the importance of collaboration, good leadership, delegation and mentoring

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Please drop me line if you'd like to know more (yes that really is me above) and we can chat over the phone or meet over zoom. You're also very welcome to come and visit if you wish. Once you've contacted me, I can send you the full details of how to apply formally. 

My email address is here.

Why Join us?

  • Receive support, nurture and training from the staff team and lay leaders of our evangelical community.

  • Be given real responsibility to lead and grow, both yourself and in your equipping of others.

  • Be given the time to intentionally invest in people and make a real difference in their lives.

  • Be an influencer of young people in their walk with Jesus, equipping them to live for him and sending them to serve in different places around the world.

  • Be given the opportunity to develop and pioneer new ways of ministry and being church.

  • Have the opportunity to learn leadership alongside people who exercise significant leadership in their professional capacities around the world.

  • Be part of a vibrant international and multi-lingual church with people committed to be being a loving and welcoming, authenticly Biblical community of all “ethnos;” a foretaste of heaven on earth!

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