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Artiestentoer Tervuren

An opportunity for outreach in Tervuren

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Artiestentoer Tervuren is an art exhibition taking place from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29 May.

Angela Grelet, a member of St Paul's, will be exhibiting some of her art work. 

St Paul's is using the exhibition as an outreach opportunity to connect with the local community.

Angela's work will be exhibited in the St Paul's Church Centre, Hoornzeelstraat 24, Tervuren.

The exhibition is open from 11:00 to 18:00 daily.

Vernissage on Thursday 26 May at 19:00.

Exodus Exile

"Some run to escape war, political oppression and lack of freedom, others run away from fires or floods.  Men, women and children are fleeing danger and trying to preserve their lives. It seems that we have entered a period of profound upheaval that affects us all and will continue to bring turmoil and chaos.
In my family history, my great-grandfather who was a Chinese Ching Mandarin fled to Indonesia to escape the Opium War, my grandfather ran from village to city, my father ran from Indonesia back to China, then to Hong Kong waiting for his chance to return to Indonesia which never happened.

As for me, I was born in Hong Kong, a city of migrants from China who were running away from the foreign invasions, Chinese civil wars, the great famine, the cultural revolution.   Hong Kongers began to run en masse to Western countries after the signing of the 1984 Sino-British Agreement which is now discredited by the CCP only as a historical paper; There was a mass migration to the West before the 1997 handover.  Recently this mass migration has resumed.  In early February 2022, 20,000 people left HK in one week.  People are running.

For the work in this exhibition, I used fallen branches on the forest floor. They symbolise people and communities who are separated from their native soil and stripped of their security and protection. The symbolism of the fallen branch emphasizes the fragility of the loose branches left behind.

These branches also make the link with our human condition. Indeed, the shape of the branches chosen for my work evokes the Chinese character for human being: 人 (ren, yan). This work wants to signify that it is through the full development of the human person, in the respect of her or his freedom and dignity, that peace will be able to come, and that justice will be able to prevail."

- Angela Grelet

More of Angle's work can be seen on her website

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