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You can sign up for the course by clicking on this link.

In January, we are running a special course called  Life Explored on consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Life Explored has six original stories exploring our longing for more.

The seven interactive sessions centre around a collection of silent films, featuring people from across the world, which help us uncover what we are really living for and how God can meet our deepest desires for happiness.

Each session focusses on a different way we try to find said happiness, and allows us to explore whether it brings the satisfaction we long for.

The series starts with an introduction, then each session includes:

  • a hot meal together

  • a silent film

  • a talk

  • a Bible passage to study.

It is informal and relaxed and you don't need know anything beforehand.

You are welcome to ask questions, share your own ideas, and explore whether the Christian faith makes sense and brings life. You are welcome if you've never been to church, just come at Christmas or have been much more often.

It really is open to anyone who wants to come and explore whether the events of Jesus’ time on earth in the past can change our lives, our future and transform our present.

Why not look at some of the film from the introductory session below to get a quick idea of what it's like?

The course begins on Wednesday 10th January at 7.30pm.

You can sign up for the course by clicking on this link.

We do hope to see you there.

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