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Appointment Confirmed

We are delighted to announce that Isaac and Moriah joined the staff team from 1 September 2022. The team involved in the selection were unanimous in their decision.

Isaac is from Ghana and Moriah is Asian/American. They both studied theology and ministry in their home countries before coming to Amsterdam to study at the Tyndale Theolgical Seminary where they met. They were married in the summer of 2021 in the U.S. Isaac is now studying at ETF in Leuven whilst Moriah has volunteered in a number of different places, including a refugee centre in Zaventem and Het Goede Boek shop in Leuven. They will job share the role, bringing their different experience and skills to the post. We are really looking forward to welcoming them amongst us, for what will be their first ministry post.

What can you pray for?

In the next few weeks they will need to move from Leuven to a new home in Tervuren. Please pray that they find the right accommodation and that the move goes smoothly.

Whilst Isaac is able to start immediately on his student visa, we will need to get a work permit for Moriah before she is able to start. This may take some time. Please pray that all the necessary paperwork enables the process to run smoothly and quickly.

Moriah and Isaac are starting out in ministry. It is an exciting time but also daunting. Please pray for them as they manage their time, balance their studies and get to know us, that it will be really enriching for them.

Pray for those working with Moriah and Isaac that we will get the right balance of training, enabling and leadership responsibility as they grow into their ministry amongst us.

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